About Us


Aggy-M Group is an Mpumalanga based and contemporary management group, invested in a portfolio in a diverse yet focused portfolio of companies. The group was established in 2006 as a small construction company has grown its portfolio over time. Within our diverse portfolio we house excellence and quality driven in all that we do. Under an African Woman Leadership, the company delivers high quality products and services.

The Group’s four operating divisions, Zethu Consulting Services (ZCS), Ntwaleng Projects, Aggy M Foods and Ntandoyenkosi Surgical Supplies, operate independently and deliver an array of superior products and services. We employ over 100 people in direct and indirect jobs as we deliver our services and products to both public and private sectors.

We consider our projects meaningful when each detail has purpose and integrity, when our products and services make a difference to customers. Lasting quality is the foundation of our philosophy – we integrate years of successful experience with inputs from our clients and collaborators.

Our goal is to meet the client’s functional and economic objectives while seeking to forge lasting relationships beyond business transactions. Operating in a diverse portfolio, we encourages strong collaborative dialogue within our company. We believe that the quality of our work emerges from a proactive exchange of ideas among our team members and with our clients, rather than from any singular source.