To be the most admired and socially responsible diverse company, delivering sustainable value to all stakeholders.




  • To earn affection of customers by delivering superior experience and value,  thereby making them our ambassadors
  • Driving competitiveness by operating our businesses at benchmark levels
  • Executing projects safely with predictable benchmark quality, cost and time
  • Growing profitably across all value chain in focus geographies within South Africa
  • Being the lead adopter of technology with a spirit of pioneering and calculated risk taking
  • Practicing ‘Leadership with Care’ by pursuing best practices on Care for our Environment, Community, Customers, Shareholders, People and creating a culture that will reinforce our values
  • Enable employees and associates to achieve and unleash their full potential to deliver outcomes in a sustainable way


Our Values are important to us

  • Safety – Safety is a core value over which no business objective can have a higher priority
  • Agility – Speed, Responsiveness and being Proactive, achieved through Collaboration and Empowering Employees
  • Care – Care for Stakeholders – our Environment, Customers & Shareholders – both existing and potential, our Community and our People (our employees and partners)
  • Respect -Treat all stakeholders with respect and dignity
  • Ethics – Achieve the most admired standards of Ethics, through Integrity and mutual Trust
  • Diligence – Do everything with a thoroughness that delivers quality and  Excellence – in all areas, and especially in Operations, Execution and Growth