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The housing sector is one of the critical area of expertise for Ntwaleng Projects. The business unit has the necessary expertise and resources to deliver following portfolio of and human settlements projects:

  • large-scale residential and building contracts for the mining and industrial sectors.
  • Corporate and private/public sector housing developments.
  • low-cost and affordable housing schemes



Over its 14 years of existence Ntwaleng has developed in-house capacity and expertise todesign, build and construct large buildings such as the following:

  • Education and healthcare facilities
  • Public buildings and infrastructure
  • large commercial and residential complexes
  • retail developments and industrial premises
  • Hotels, leisure and sporting facilities.
  • refurbishments and renovations

Property development

One of the core functions of Ntwaleng is the development of residential, commercial and retail properties at the most suitable locality and address.  Our concepts will take into cognisance lifestyle, architectural aesthetics and functionality; and we will deliver quality developments within set time frames.  These fundamentals underpin all Property Development projects we will engage in and, together with effective security measures, will form the basis of our work as Property Developers.

Ntwaleng will improve the concept of merging commercial and residential properties and adding a recreational and leisure element to the development.  We are forever cognisant of and continually guided by location, and will work with the environment in establishing suitable developments.  We pride ourselves in engaging in sufficient and effective planning before the implementation of any project because of the characteristic multiplicity of Property Development.

Given our history and experience, Ntwaleng has the skill to perform all the required functions of Property Development from start to finish and we hold ourselves to global standards; as we will produce work that is on par with the best in the world.  It is for this reason that our counsel has been sought internationally in the field of Property Development.