Solly Mokoena is a qualified Mechanical Engineer with more than 17 years’ experience in the fields of project management and business development. With an MBA and a one-year training in Germany, he has a diversified commercial experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, Energy Projects, Mining Projects, Business Improvement Projects and Biofuels Implementation Projects. With a wealth of international experience, Solly has gained a lot of knowledge negotiating with governments and modelling fiscal terms to sell the value propositions of multibillion dollar projects.  He is a super specialist in decision engineering, business modelling, scenario modelling and has assisted many top executives to take strategic decisions resulting in positive economic impacts.

He has been involved in large engineering and technology projects, working with multidisciplinary professionals, from initiation to implementation as well as post investment monitoring.  His business acumen is attributable not only to the fact that he is highly qualified and possesses credentials which demonstrate his extensive training in this regard, but some of his most valued characteristics include his ability to interact with all levels of professionals and clientele given his excellent interpersonal skills.  Coupled with this is his results-driven philosophy and commitment to achieving goals through either individual motivation or in a team environment.  Some of his past involvements have seen him play a key role in multi-billion dollar projects such as Sasol Gas Fields Acquisition in Canada, Feasibility Studies in North America and Scoping and Development of the first biofuels plant in South Africa.